What really happens at Coachella: costs/ planning & my experience

You may say it’s over rated, you may say it’s the influencer Olympics. Call it what you want but Coachella is THE festival to be at. I’m going to break down what really happens at this festival in the desert.


The main attraction, the hunt before the event; ticket sales.
Coachella tickets typically go on sale the first week of January (strategic planning for a way to spend your Christmas money). Weekend 1 usually sells out very fast because of the high demand.

General admission tickets run you about $ 429 without the shuttle, and $509 with the shuttle. General admission allows entrance to the venue and day parking lots for all three days, with visitation to the camp grounds as well.

VIP tickets run you $1,000 and allows you entrance to the venue, access to the camp grounds, and specialty bars, & restrooms.

Going weekend 1 versus weekend 2:

The golden question. This year I opted to go weekend two and I will explain all the perks of weekend 2 versus weekend 1.

Weekend 2:

-Less people
– Cheaper hotels/ flights
-Venue is not as crowded
-All of the influencers are gone = less people and you actually have room to take photos and enjoy the scenery

-Not as many celebrities (if you care about that)
– The artists bring out all the special guests weekend 1 and not weekend 2
– Revolve festival is only weekend one @revolve where’s my invite for next year?

– Having to see the festival after everyone else

Weekend 1:

– Celebrities/ influencers everywhere
-More parties/ Revolve festival
-Artists bring out guests during their setlist

– Tickets sell out fast
-Hotels more expensive
– Influencers everywhere taking photos
-More crowded

Plane tickets

Make sure you book your flight ahead of time because the ticket pricing will go up for these two weekends! If you want to make it a long trip they’re lots of layovers in Phoenix Arizona, or you can go to LA for a bit like I chose to do. On average a round trip flight will cost you about $400-$600.


Another thing to book in advance because the pricing raises for these weekends. Some choose to stay at an air bob which books up fast as well. The perks of staying at the hotels are the shuttle pick up stops at all different hotels. The average hotel room will run around $250-$400 a night.


For some this is the main reason everyone goes. If you’re not feeling the lineup that year is it worth going? It depends on what you’re going for! Coachella is a music, art and fashion festival so if you’re interested in one of those things you’re probably going to enjoy the experience. Everyone has different tastes in music so I encourage you to go out on your own and watch the artists that you want to see!


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s the desert so there’s no way the bathrooms are going to be luxurious. There are porter potties, full stalls and trailers bathrooms (with air conditioning), so it could be worse. I didn’t get a chance to see what the VIP bathrooms looked like but I’m sure they were nice(r).

Ubers versus Shuttles

I highly recommend using the shuttle service and buying the pass. Ubers all have a surcharge that weekend for people going to and from the festival and prices can run very high. Not to mention the Uber app becomes so overly populated that there is a Uber waiting station inside Coachella in which you get a number assigned to you. When leaving the festival you can wait up to an hour just to get in an Uber. The shuttle for me was a great experience. It ran every 30 minutes and picked you up right at your hotel and dropped you off fairly close to the entrance of the festival. Some shuttles are fun and they even hold contests for upgraded tickets, tickets to parties, etc.

The crowds/ people

Coachella is open to all ages so expect it to be diverse. For some sets I had kids as little as 12 to adults over the age of 60. It draws a very large crowd with the main attendees coming from different parts of California. Coachella can get wild and over whelming so if you don’t do well in crowds this may not be your kind of festival.

What I would do different

I definitely got a bit sick after my Coachella weekend, so I would definitely be more cautious into wearing my bandana and not inhaling as much dust. I am also a girl who does not do well in crowds, so next year I would spend the extra money on a VIP ticket to be comfortable. I would as well pick going weekend 1 because I was sad to miss out on the artists bringing out special guests. I love the music aspect of it so I was bummed to not see as many special guests weekend 2.

Overall experience

Overall Coachella is an amazing lifetime experience. When you enter the desert it seems like you’re walking into a movie set. There’s so much to see and take in. Whether you’re there for the music, the art, the fashion or just the party it’s overall sure to be an enjoyable experience.



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