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My first time trying Gelato ever! Yup I was a gelato newbie

Venchi is a gelato spot with multiple locations all around Rome. They offer goodies from chocolates to gianduja bars to all different flavors of gelato.


When we went to Venchi we were definitely in a rush with trying to get back to our tour guide to explore the catacombs for the rest of the day.  Lets just say this was the SPOT because the line was out the door!

We were discouraged by the line, but we knew we HAD to try this gelato. The customer service was great because they accommodated all people and we overall only waited about 20 minutes!

There are various chocolate items to choose from, which are charged by the gram, as well as a selection of gelato, crepes and coffee. The flavors of gelato consisted of caramel, black cherry, mango, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio and more!

If you’re looking for a place with a true authentic Italian gelato feel then I would definitely check out Venchi! Pro Tip: The spot closest to the Trevi Fountain is packed with tourists, so it may be faster to check out a different location!



Check out their website below:

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