My Visit to Elephant Nature Park

A trip to Jurassic park or an elephant sanctuary? The only difference was there were no dinosaurs! The Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai Thailand. Their goal is to rescue elephants that have been used to make money, and bring them back to a normal life!

I was up bright and early at 7 AM to get on the shuttle van at 8 AM to take us to the elephant nature park! The car ride took about an hour a half to arrive to the jungle. This place looked like a scene straight out of Jurassic world (minus the dinosaurs!) The day consisted of feeding, observing, taking pictures with and playing with the elephants. They provided a buffet lunch which was actual great as well!

At the elephant nature park you can volunteer your time to visit and help the elephants! For about $70 you donate your time and money in order for this facility to stay up and running to take care of the elephants!

Their mission is to rescue elephants that have been abused in circuses, elephant riding tours and other bad circumstances. Many people in all different countries use the elephants to make a profit. It’s so sad to think that animals are being used for human entertainment while being harshly overworked and abused.

The elephant nature park has been involved in a ton of rescues which have created their elephant heard! They have over 77 elephants at their park that they maintain. They also provide care for dogs, cats, buffalo and other animals under their rehabilitation care!

The entire experience, the staff could not thank the tour members enough. They kept re iterating how our money was going towards all their food and the workers. They told us how with our money we provide the workers jobs, the elephants food, care and a good home.

The elephants loved people and were so gentle even with the little kids in my group. The volunteers contributed to the healing process for the elephants. The tour guides gave us information about each elephant and their lives (and they knew a ton of information!) They informed us their names, age, if they were abused, how they were abused, where they came from etc. It was extremely interesting to me to find out that some of the elephants actually had ptsd and mental disabilities from their years of abuse. It was so sad to hear because these animals really do have feelings like humans!

If you ever make your way to Thailand and want a genuine elephant experience I highly recommend the good people over at the Elephant Nature Park! To find out more information about this amazing place visit !

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