Melsy’s Illustrations

Today on the blog we’re checking out one of my favorite artists pop up shops! If you’re looking for illustration decor and a great holiday gift for that girly girl in your life look no further than the Melsy’s Illustrations booth in Bryant Park.

The artist behind Melsy’s Illustrations, Jamel Saliba started out working a 9-5 job and found she wasn’t loving it (ugh who can relate?) She decided to start drawing illustrations after work; posting them on social media and selling them at local markets in Boston where she is from.

She draws lifestyle illustrations of everyday girls in their everyday settings! Whether it be shopping, working out, traveling, or sipping rose you’re sure to find an illustration that you can relate to!

She currently sells prints, cards, agendas, pillows, journals, lunch boxes, coffee mugs, coasters, ornaments and now even candles!

Her success has taken her away into deals with Reebok, Hallmark cards, and She has been a featured artist at Bryant Park winter village for four seasons and her success continues to grow.  Her mom works the boutique at Bryant Park and is the sweetest lady while telling her story and you can tell she is a proud mama! I have been following her forever and couldn’t be more happy for her success!

Go check out her booth this holiday season, but if you can’t make it shop her online etsy store!

Open now through January 2nd from 11AM- 8 PM

West 43rd street between 42nd and 6th ave

Instagram: @melsysillustrations


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