Krabi, Thailand


Looking for island hopping, scuba diving, rock climbing and beautiful beaches? This is what you will find in Krabi on the west coast of southern Thailand!


Where to go

Railay Beach 

The most popular beach in Krabi , this place is full of adventure! Railay Beach consists of all day activities such as a lagoon, East & West end beaches, monkeys, caves, restaurants, bars and resorts!

Getting there can be a little tricky but is super inexpensive! If you tell any taxi driver that you want to go to Railay Beach they will drop you off at the docking port in either Krabi town or Ao Nong Beach ! You must take a traditional long tail boat that runs from 8AM- 6 PM. After 6 PM good luck trying to get a long tail boat back. You will have to hustle with the remaining boat sailors that are still on the island and settle with a price (about 300 bhat, which is still pretty cheap!)

You will take a 15 minute long tail boat to the island and when you arrive you will be settled into the main port. It is hard to choose which way to go; but I definitely recommend checking out the east end first! To get to the east end you follow the scenic path of cliffs, caves, and lush greeneries while walking along the path. If you’re lucky you may run into some monkeys along the way. But definitely do not feed the monkeys as this is a large fine in Thailand!

On Railay Beach you can watch daring rock climbers scaling the cliffs and caves above you!

After passing the caves you will arrive to the most amazing view and serene beach. This area of the beach is where everyone relaxes and is a bit crowded. The sunset here is unreal and I highly recommend staying until that time of day.

If you’re looking to check out the quieter side of the beach head to west end. I would actually recommend going here first! I believe most people do east first so it’s more crowded during the beginning of the day. Here you can grab a drink or a bite to eat, and if you’re interested in staying the night check out one of the resort villas on the beach.

There are tons of guided tours that will take you to stop at Railay Beach for an hour or two. But I highly recommend just doing this one on your own and enjoying the whole day here!

Chicken Island

If you’re looking to snorkel with not many tourists to disturb you, then this is the place to go! You will either have to go on a tour here or rent your own private boat for the day!

The Chicken Island gets its name from the chicken rock shaped formation that has been carved into the side of the mountain! People spend 30 minutes to an hour here mainly to snorkel! The water is a super clean green color with lots of coral and fish moving around. It’s great for beginners because the water is about 4 meters in depth, but I will still recommend wearing a life jacket making it easier to float around.

Pro Tip: Check your tide times before going because at low tide you can walk along the sandbank to Tup Island, but at high tide it’s almost impossible to access.

Tup Island, Ao Nong 

The bluest water I have ever seen in my life. Hands down! This island forms two islands during the high tide and a walking strip in between them at low tide. Getting here requires a tour or a private long tail boat!

The sand is crystal clear, but be careful of the sharp coral when getting in the ocean at low tide. There are tons of fish and coral to look at in the sea and with the crystal clear water, I mean, you can see everything!

There is no alcohol served on this island, however there are two Thai food restaurants with very inexpensive eats! The average time spent here would be one to two hours. There were many tourists on this island and I can’t count the number of times people came up to me asking for a picture with me! Maybe it’s the blond hair and blue eyes? (But after a while it got annoying)

Pro Tip: On both islands there’s a national park so there’s a visitor fee of 400 that for adults. And do not feed the fish unless you want an 1,000 bhat fine!

Where to Stay

Centra by Centara

I can not say enough great things about this hotel! Averaging at $33 per night, this hotel was 5 star. The cleanliness of the room, the information from staff, and the overall location were wonderful. I had time to check out the pool which had the most amazing view, along with eating the buffet breakfast provided every morning poolside. I will 100% be staying here again when going to Krabi as it was the best hotel I stayed at on my trip!


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