Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui

Private islands, quiet laid back bars, peace on the beach, water fun, and relaxation. That’s Koh Samui! If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Thailand look no further than Koh Samui. It’s Thailand’s second largest island and is about a 2 hour plane ride from Bangkok! It lies in the gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Era Isthmus.

Where I went

Lamai Beach

This is the place of peace and quiet. If you walk down along the beach it’s quiet and much less bustling then Chaweng Beach. Along the coast are mainly resorts and dining options. The general atmosphere is a little bit of an older crowd and many families.

Look closely and you will find some amazing spas and massages that are on the beach and super cheap! I had the most amazing Thai massage for an hour and it was only $10.This lady cracked and bent places in my body I didn’t even know could be cracked! Definitely worth the money!

Chaweng Beach

One of the islands best beaches! Shops, resorts and restaurants surround the beach along with plenty of water activities to partake in during the day. There is also nightlife with bars and restaurants catering to every type of traveler.

The Mango strip is the center around which the rest of the town’s bars revolve and it is packed with travelers every night. ¬†Chaweng’s main strip is around three kilometres long, and lots of smaller centres of activity have sprung up along it.

It was overall pretty quiet beach day on the days I went. There were a lot of parasailing boats and kayaks that you could rent for the day!

Where I ate

Bar Baguette

A cute little cafe on Bophut Beach in Koh Samui. Boy wasI happy to eat here because it felt like the first good meal I had in days! I had scrambled eggs, avocado toast, espresso and fries. I loved the food here so much I even got a croissant to go!

Coco Tam’s

This was the poppin place to go to on the island! Located on Bophut Beach (actually right across from Bar Baguette cafe) , it was a beach bar and restaurant open from 6 pm- 1 am. I highly recommend going here, as it was one of the cutest finds on my trip so far!

If you’re looking for a bar along the beach with that very casual “beach vibe” then Coco Tam’s is the place. It’s a bar and restaurant, although I only went for drinks. The service wasn’t too bad but it was a little slow. They offered all different types of frozen drinks, wines, liquors, cocktails and beers. I stuck to my favorite, a cider beer!

The view is what the people really come for! I mean watching the sunset from this view wasn’t too bad. The beach is aligned with bean bags and chairs to really set the atmosphere of kicking back and relaxing. Inside there are chair swings, hammocks, and nets (so you can def get a cute Insta pic!)

Where I stayed

Replay Residence

This was such a comfortable and great stay! I would rate this place 3 out of 5 stars. The price per night was amazing, and it was super comfortable. The room had a beautiful bathroom, balcony view of the mountains, kitchen, clean sheets, a television, wifi and AC! The only mishap I had here was one day the power went out for about 4 hours (because of the storm)! There was a great pool to lounge by, and a gym with a sauna and steam room. Replay residence was more of an apartment complex which I believe people lived in year round, rather than a hotel. It was in a great location within 20 minutes of every attraction I wanted to go to!


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