Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands


Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise

Go. on. this. cruise. This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! Captain Bob’s booze cruise gives you the perfect opportunity to discover Phi Phi Islands all while drinking and meeting new people. You first meet at the docks and the crew brings you to the “pre game” in which there’s an open bar, drinking games and beer pong. You stay there for about 2 hours drinking, playing games and mingling with new people. Once everyone gets to know each other it’s time to board the boat! The cruise will take you around to Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Koh Samah Bay, Viking Cave, and Pileh Lagoon. It includes snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and and lunch. After the cruise you head to the after party with unlimited free booze and beer. They have a dj playing and the drinking games continue. If you’re traveling alone or in a group this is an amazing way to meet new people and have a great experience!


Arisa Sunset Cruise

Looking for a cruise that takes you all around Koh Phi Phi while snorkeling, swimming and staying relax? Then definitely opt in for a sunset cruise. This cruise takes you all around Koh Phi Phi Ley to places like Monkey Beach, Long Beach, Viking Cove, Pi-Leh Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Maya Bay and Plankton Point. They have full day and half day tours. I choose the half day tour which went from 1:00 PM- 6:30 PM. I started off by meeting up with the tour directors at my hotel and then we were directed to the dock to head off.


This boat cruise picks the most amazing spot to dock and watch the sunset. It’s great for families, young tourists and couples. There were only 13 people on a 25 person boat as well so it was super spacious and didn’t feel over crowded! They provide you with snacks and fruit, and are very accommodating to what you want to do on the boat! My group wasn’t into the snorkeling that much so they allowed us more time on some of the islands. This was a great cruise with a friendly staff! Find out more information from the following link!



Bars/ Parties

Reggae Bar

If you’re looking to watch some professional muay thai fighters  or even get into the ring yourself while sipping on a beer, this is the bar for you! This is the most unique bar I have ever been in. The workers make you order drinks before you enter (for your entrance fee) and then you are seated around the boxing ring. There are tourists from all over the world watching these professional fighters. But if you want to get in the ring yourself you can volunteer too! You get suited up, go in the ring and then point out in the crowd who you want to fight. If that person doesn’t want to fight you have to take a shot and most of the time you get booed by the crowd!

Hippie Bar

Definitely try to make you way here while in Phi Phi Islands to check out the fire show! The show usually starts around 10 PM, and they have 3 professional fire trick guys working and putting on a show. The show consists of spinning batons, and lanterns. These guys are really good! They will get the crowd involved, and of course I got suckered into volunteering! I was so terrified but these guys definitely knew what they were doing!

Late Night Beach Party

Late night down on the beach after the Ibiza Pool Party is when the beach party comes alive! This is like a beach party you would see in a movie. Free shots for doing the limbo, fire shows, jump ropes, neon body paint, alcohol buckets and the moonlight on the beach. All the action is sure to keep you entertained while out for the night with your friends!

Banana Bar

If you’re looking for a rooftop bar in Phi Phi, this is the only one you will find! With 3 different levels you can find yourself lost in the beer pong tables, neon lights, and nightly movies played on the big screen! They have comfy couches, bean bags and seating lined up all around the big screen which plays movies nightly.

Where I stayed

P.P. Palm Tree Hotel

After staying in such a nightmare hotel for the first couple of nights, it was so refreshing to have such a great, clean hotel! The hotels in Koh Phi Phi tend to not be rated the greatest in Thailand, so it’s somewhat hard to find an amazing hotel at a cheap price. This was definitely the most expensive hotel that I stayed at for $65 a night, but it was well worth it after my previous experience. The room, sheets and towels were all very clean and I took advantage of the swimming pool! The location was great because it was right in town by all the restaurants and bars, with a short walk to the beach!

Places to see 

Monkey Beach

If you love monkeys like I do , then you will definitely love this beach! If you’re not so much of an animal person then I would say to skip this one. When I booked my speedboat tour on both Bob’s booze cruise, and Arisa tours the Monkey Beach was a stop! When arriving there were a large number of boats pulled up on the beach and docked off shore. The monkeys were chilling around the island and seemed to be pretty friendly! You could feed the monkeys peanuts but don’t tease the monkeys because then they were not so nice! The monkeys were very cute, swimming around and being playful!

View Point

Where I ate

Grand PP Arcade

Being extremely hungry in Thailand from not being able to eat that much, I was so glad to come across this place! It was some of the best food that I had while traveling around Thailand especially on Phi Phi Island. The atmosphere is amazing with hanging string lights, lanterns and beautiful plants everywhere! I wound up eating here a few times throughout my trip because I loved the food so much and the prices were amazing!


A great restaurant right in the middle of town! It’s in a great centralized area, with American food choices at a great price. Both times that I went I got the grilled shrimp wrap with agile oil, lettuce, and avocado! The restaurant was very clean and they had great food options.


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