Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time

Sydney, Australia

When is the best time for a Doughnut? All the time!

If you see people in Australia carrying around tiny green boxes, prepping for the perfect gram pic you’re most likely seeing a happy customer coming from Doughnut time.

While in Australia I thought I’d check it out and pop my Doughnut Time cherry. This shop screams calories with oversized doughnuts to share or to devour by yourself. Doughnut time’s menu is always expanding which keeps it going! The clever names and creations definitely add to the effect.

For about $6 per doughnut their menu includes creations such as:

The Fairy Godmother– Vegan cream cheese frosting doughnut

It’s Always a Gay Time– A milk chocolate glaze, golden caramelized crepes, honeycomb custard and crushed biscuits

Liam Hemsworthy (this name says it all!) – Vegan red velvet doughnut with cream frosting, crushed chocolate ripple biscuits and chocolate glaze drizzle

Stranger Rings 2.0– chocolate glazed doughnut with Oreo crumbs and Nutella



My personal favorite and the doughnut I tried “The slim shady”, a white vanilla coated doughnut topped off with rainbow M & M’s (Eminem punn).

Pro Tip: Feeling lazy or in a rush? Now you can pre-order your doughnuts online! You can use their website to order in advance for pickup, or delivery.

Time Spent there: 15 minutes

For all my NYC girls, I dare to say this is better than Krispy Creme and Dunkin Donuts. My trip to doughnut time was definitely a highlight while in Australia! If you ever make your way to Australia it’s definitely worth checking out.


Caitlyn May





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