Coppa Club

Looking for a place where you can catch the views of the London bridge while sitting in some trendy igloos? I found it!

Coppa Club tower bridge is located right on the Thames river overlooking the London bridge.

This place has definitely become a popular attraction amongst tourists and locals. With their amazing menu and incredible view, the igloos are booked months in advance. When we arrived at the restaurant we were told it was a 4 hour wait to sit in the igloos!! We almost gave up on our faith, but we had come all the way out there just to experience the igloos.

We came up with the genius idea to have dinner inside the restaurant (using up those 2-3 hours), and wait around the extra hour just to get in the igloo! And did we do it? Yes! Luckily I was traveling with people who were doing it for the insta (and the experience).

The igloos are made from timber beams and perspex. They have sliding doors, blankets and heaters inside which keep you nice and warm in that rainy London weather! Want another drink? There’s even a bell inside to call over your waiter!

This spot is perfect for any time of day and any weather! The staff was super accommodating and knew we were on a mission to sit in the igloos.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge

3 Quays Walk

Lower Thames Street






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