Australia’s Best Beaches

Bells Beach

Victoria, Australia

Surfs up bruh!! Bells Beach located in Victoria, Australia is THE place to be for surfing. Whether your a beginner (like myself) or a pro Bell’s Beach has the perfect waves!!

You’ll enjoy the amazing view along the coast of the Great Ocean Road, while catching glimpse of the amazing mountain views. Whether you want to surf for the day, or just catch sight of some surfer hotties; Bells Beach guarantees to be in for an adventurous day!

The struggle you will come upon at Bell’s Beach is the longgg walk to the beach. You have to park along the Great Ocean Road (which can be extremely hard to find parking), and then walk down to the beach. There are many many stairs to get down to the beach, so be cautious of this long walk especially if you have to carry down a surfboard to the beach with you, which can be tedious!

Pro Tip: the bathrooms are an extremely long walk from the beach, and it is just a hole in the ground with toilet paper (yuck!)

Time spent: 3-6 hours

Places to eat: None within close proximity! So make sure to pack a lunch and snacks!!



St Kilda Beach

Victoria, Australia

Ready for a fun beach day full of ice cream trucks, beach lounges, restaurants bars and even an amusement park? Then you’re ready for St. Kilda Beach!

Full of backpackers, families and exercise enthusiasts you can catch a glimpse of the nearby yachts and windsurfers. This is the hot spot beach and the place to be!

This beach is extremely clean with sparkling blue water! Not exactly the place to surf as the water is very calm.

Take in the view of palm trees while walking along the boardwalk, or go socialize at one of the many clubs alongside the beach. This one is definitely made for the nightlife!! Republica night club has the best view of the beach and strong drinks.

Pro Tip: Extremely easy to get there by tram from Melbourne city! Craft markets usually occur on Sundays during the summer season!

Time spent: All day occasion

Places to eat: Abbey Road St. Kilda , La Roche


Bondi Beach 

Sydney, Australia

I can not say enough good things about Bondi Beach! Genuinely the best sight in Australia. This is the place to get to know the locals but also meet fellow travelers along the way. It is one of the most visited tourists sights in Australia, sometimes getting very crowded, but 100% worth the visit!

Bondi Beach is packed with swim shops, surf shops, beach eats, restaurants and nightlife! The beach is an experience in itself.

Walk about 10 minutes up along the beach and you will run into the Bondi Icebergs club. This pool club has some of the best views of Bondi beach, while allowing you to soak up the sun poolside. For about $7 a day this grants you admission to the pools. They serve food and drinks at the snack bars, and you have full access to the pool, lockers and showers!


Pro tip: Definitely bring your own beach chair/ towel there’s no place to rent! Check out staying in an Airbnb nearby instead of a hotel. The nearby houses and beach cottages are amazing and located in walking distance from the beach!

Time spent: all day adventure!

Places to eat: Bondi Icebergs club, The Bucket List

Brighton Beach 

Melbourne, Australia

The beach with all the cabana huts? Nope so much more than that! This is one of the most fun beaches in Australia because of the surrounding area! It’s an oceanside neighborhood in an affluent town of Australia. The images of the surrounding homes are a sight to see in itself!

Dendy Street Beach contains 82 colourful beach boxes! The bathing boxes can only be purchased by local residents and on average go for AU $200,000 (that’s the price of a house!!) Brighton has a median house price of AU$2,287,500 (holy cow!) It’s a popular spot for walking/ cycling and there are many bike rental shops nearby!

Also check out the kite surfing options if you are into adventure sporting!


Pro tip: Take the metro or an uber here, because it’s extremely hard to find parking! Everything is in a walking distance. Make sure to bring a camera because this is the perfect place for a photoshoot!

Time spent: 4-8 hours

Places to eat: White Rabbit Restaurant , Seaview restaurant


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    ur hot!!! Love ur content! This makes me wanna go to Australia!

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      March 22, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      I love you!! Lets go to Australia!!!

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