31 Rue Cambon

31 rue cambon Paris. Maybe you know the address, maybe you don’t.

But for any girl that is fashion concious and dreams of going to Paris their whole lives (me, me and me), this is more than an address.

This is Gabrielle Chanel’s iconic atelier. The flagship store of Chanel. The year is 1918 when Gabrielle Chanel opened her first couture house at the 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. She wasn’t really a Paris native, but her name will always be associated with Paris. Now, Chanel is one of the most anticipated Paris fashion week collections to be shown.

The location is now the flagship store for Chanel. Above the store is Chanel’s famous apartment and atelier. Only open to VIP guests, celebrities, and workers involved in Paris fashion week.

Visiting 31 Rue de campion was like entering the best fashion museum I’ve ever been too. You’ll find everything Chanel here; from jewelry, shoes, handbags, clothing to perfume and makeup. To top off your shopping experience they offer champaigne (yes please!)

Unlike some Chanel boutiques I have been in, the sales associates that work in this store are extremely professional, helpful and knowledgable of the brand.


The. Iconic.  Staircase.

Luckily the sales associate I had could see how much of a Chanel fan I was. She insisted that I see the staircase and take as many pictures as I wanted! The staircase leads up to Coco Chanel’s studio apartment. Gabrielle Chanel lived in the apartment above the main floor in which she hosted fashion shows and gatherings. The iconic staircase surrounded by mirrors was where she would peer at the fashion shows from the fifth step (her lucky number, i.e. Chanel No 5.)

Needless to say this was one of the highlights of my trip and I will definitely be back!

Pro Tip: the exchange rate in Paris is a bit different from America. Whatever you purchase you can actually get a tax refund when at the airport ( I actually saved some money on my purchase!)

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